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Opening Ceremony for Asian Youth Games Nanjing 2013 Begins Tomorrow Night

2013-08-15 20:55:23

NANJING, August 15, 2013 - The Opening Ceremony for the 2nd Asian Youth Games, Nanjing 2013 will be staged at Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium, tomorrow evening, August 16. The Opening Ceremonies begins at 20:00.

A press conference on the preview of the Opening Ceremonies was held at the Main Media Centre of the Olympic Sports Centre this afternoon, August 15.

After winning the bid for planning and operating the Opening & Closing Ceremonies, the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group set up a dedicated planning and production team in which President Zhu Chuangyao serves as the art director, Deputy General Manager Zhao Jing as production director.

Theatre Chief Zhang Xiaosu serves as chief director, Head of Stage Art Centre Sheng Xiaoying as stage art director; Creation Centre Director Du Xiaosu as music director, Shi Wei as chief literature planner with numerous young playwrights and directors.

The 90-minute Opening Ceremonies consists of two parts: artistic performance and protocol ceremony.

The artistic performance “Let Our Dream Fly” will last 40 minutes and shares the growth story of two teenagers during the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter which binds Nanjing with the international community, the history with the future, the reality with the dream, and youth with hope.

Performances will be presented in a creative cartoon atmosphere, so as to bring out the stage effect that is youthful, inspiring and full of life, representing the solidarity, courage, wisdom and passion of the Asian youth.

The planning and production team for the Opening Ceremonies not only gives full play to local creative and performing teams but also underlines the leading role of young people by engaging them in the discussion on the Opening Ceremonies proposal, in theme song selection and in protocol shows.

Among the performers of the Opening Ceremonies, 80% are students ages 17 to 18. The production team goals are to pass on the Olympic spirit, demonstrate Chinese characteristics and integrate the local culture of Nanjing in the Opening Ceremonies, to interpret the slogan “Celebrating Youth, Passionate Asia” and to fully reflect the feature of “staging the Games as a gala of youth, culture and sports” in every aspect.

The Asian Youth Games is a gala of youth, culture and sports” in every aspect.

Through the three rehearsals held on August 8, 11 and 13, respectively, all the staff and performers for the Opening Ceremonies have geared up to present a spectacular and vibrant carnival.

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