LG 65EC9700 4K emerged as the world’s first self-luminous 4k TV. Its new feature that has attracted many, especially in 2014 is the ability to combine the two top-most choices for the best high-end results. It embraces the exotic technologies that can merge several features to create a world class ultra HD experience which has never been seen in a normal TV.

Despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive TVs even among the 4k models, LG 65EC9700 4K offers a relatively unprecedented technological sophistication including picture quality. This has attracted attention of a number of customers who prioritize on quality rather than the cost. The TV comes with a magic remote that is not only motion sensing but also Web OS-powered. The web operating system interface offers video streaming services alongside other entertainment applications. The microphone integrated into the remote can control the smart platform capability of the TV together with other features via assorted voice commands.

This model utilizes the OLED technology as its worthwhile technological advancement that gives it a single and finest feature, without forgetting the robust features and other powerful specifications built into it. With OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), the LG 65EC9700 4K TV can no longer be provided with local dimming mechanisms or any other lighting technology since the diodes alone are able to turn on and off through the use of an internal algorithm command. Thus with, LG 65EC9700 4K TV together with other OLED cousins, both smaller and larger, the black content of the screen offers a perfect and real level of black color that other TVs cannot match.


Besides the OLED technology characterized by its cutting edge capabilities, LG 65EC9700 4K also provides a wide range of modern connectivity options, as well as a host of advanced TV functions that meet the specifications or standards of LG brand recognition and quality. These include, but not limited to multiple HDMI connections, full internet connections spectrum from Wi-Fi to an extranet and also a nice TV platform that offers easy and quick access to modern web applications for the 4k UHD video, regular videos, games, music and social media.

In general, this TV is designed to deliver whatever you need in creating a solid foundation needed for your home entertainment system. You are sure of enjoying ultimate entertainment spiced up with spectacular quality of pictures, as well as bright and vibrant colors resulting to high-definition imagery. What is extremely attractive about this TV model is the exquisitely thin nature with a virtually bezel panel.

Although LG 65EC9700 4K TV has been praised a lot due to its quality, customers have always complained about its expensive nature that makes it unaffordable to some. This is indeed unavoidable and we cannot blame LG since the feature packed machine uses OLED technology that is actually hard to manufacture. In addition, the curved screen is the cause of poor viewing at off angles associated with this TV. However several customer reviews has shown that the striking and extremely elegant design distinguishes this TV from others, making it to win the hearts of many and therefore maintain a good market share.

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