Can Chinese Compete with Major American Sports?

feature-1Summer Games now, but the tussle stays more factual than passionate. There have been a few flashes of tension out of the pool this time, yet there are, up ’till now, not very much settled in contentions on significant team sports to convey the account vigorously and couple of prominent rubbing focuses on individual sports, either. Yet, as the Olympics headed into their final lap, American athletes have been progressively aware of the main thing, which for this situation, is the top line. Read More→

10 Best Records of China in Olympics

feature-3China is one of the top countries who seem to be a lot easier to collect gold’s in just few events. While other countries haven’t experienced their first gold, or even a first medal in a tournament, China seems to be just battling others to dominate the first place and beat the United States. But do you know that there are certain events in Olympics that China have been holding off for quite sometimes now, here they are….. Read More→

Chinese Basketball, Going Global for Real?

feature-2The Dominance of U.S “Dream Team” composed of Players mostly from the NBA are long gone, Europeans including Spain and France are battling for it, Argentina and Other South American Nation are battling as well, Asia won’t be left behind, they might not have competed the recently concluded World Cup, but the Chinese are currently entering the NBA market sowing, remember the “Linsanity” when Jeremy Lin carried the New York Knicks on his shoulder, the Dominance of Yao Ming as one of the prime NBA players in the NBA? Read More→